Google Kills the CAPTCHA

The term CAPTCHA is a trademark of Carnegie-Mellon University designating a family of Turing tests to automatically differentiate a human user from a computer. CAPTCHA is opposed to the standard development test of Turing by humans.

What Is Exactly the Captcha ?

CAPTCHA : acronym (Completely Automated Public Turing to Computers and Humans Apart)
These are simple tests that the computer/site asks the user to achieve in order to prove his non-robotization. In this way, Alta Vista launched in 1997 the first CAPTCHA to prevent bots from adding sites in their engine Searches. They are declined by tests of graphic or sound identification.



The captcha of google baptized reCaptcha, in honor of a company that bought it in 2009.Google after many tests and verifications, admitted that spammers and malware could override this security, decided to simplify this method: It is the concept “NO CAPTCHA RECAPTCHA”, only the button “I am not a robot” has to be selected, and the east is based on the reaction time of the individual who clicks on the mouse coputer, if the doubt persists,previous tests are send to the screen. The reCaptcha initially allowed to digitize books, through ciphers whose Internet users contributed to the digitization of millions of books.

GOOGLE Bypasses the CAPTCHA with Its Invisible CAPTCHA

Different ways of circumventing this method have been seen; such as labo, decoders, spammers and reCAPTCHA (for the digitalization of books). Thus, the Mountain view firm uses the “machine learning” and allows a method where the user is free to do nothing: nothing is asked to the user, no test, text or puzzle, or word to add, the CAPTCHA directly analyzes the behavior of the surfer to recognize a human one .

This method will allow a faster access to the site, an essential element when it is known that every minute lost generates large losses of money.

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