Instagram’s entrance into ecommerce

What will you do first when you wake up in the morning? Turn on the television ? Probably not. You may open an APP of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ — they’re all social media. You don’t want to miss any information or any post of your friends when you were sleeping. You also want to check the recommendations and how many LIKE you have received from others. In any case, maintaining human relations is important for most people.

However, do you just use these social media in the morning? The fact is that you might spend half of the day playing with these apps. And you even dream that the social media could do more for you, like shopping, job research etc. In recent years, these social media start to do e-commerce in order to achieve a multifunctional development. For example, Instagram is one of the famous social media which steal most of your time and now they are looking for your money.
As a network of photo-sharing -Instagram reaches 600 million monthly active users- Instagram said Thursday that it now has 600 million monthly active users. That means it’s added 100 million users in six months, its fastest growth rate ever, and has doubled its user base in just two years. The e-commerce capabilities of Instagram have become stronger with a new feature on November 2016. It allows users to add more information about the content they post to the photo or share their videos. Instagram adds likewise ‘Shop Now’ Button for In-App Impulse Buying. When one of 20 big brands posts pictures, people can click on the picture to buy what they see. It’s a new way that this blog post wants to let shoppers turn to apps to make purchases.

The pros of Instagram E-commerce

It’s an ideal platform where your brand reaches people quickly and you don’t rely solely on SEO( search engine optimization) anymore.
Instagram gives you the opportunity to grab the attention of your potential clients, and then make them aware of your store or product. On the contrary, Amazon gives you the huge search results when people do an item search. And even if you have a unique product to sell, if no one knows about it, they won’t be searching for it.

7 ways for Instagram e-commerce Μarketing

Using Instagram to promote products is not limited to large brands; smaller e-commerce merchants can also take advantage of its benefits.
Here are some ideas by Paul Chaney:
1. Integrate Instagram Photos into Your Ecommerce Website
2. Using app providers — Soldsie, Inselly, Instaorders, and 10Sec — found ways to retrofit the site to make it a sales channel.
3. Promoting new or featured products is yet another way to maximize Instagram’s value.
4. Don’t limit the use of Instagram to photos. Take advantage of its video capabilities, as well.
5.In addition to promoting products, Zappos uses Instagram to celebrate the seasons, creating a sense of goodwill.
6.Contests are a popular way to engage users on social platforms, including Instagram.
7. Show Behind the Scenes Photos

Instagram gives us another chance to start e-commerce, so don’t waste it. Share your photos and earn money from someone else!


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