Interscatter communication : a new way to connect.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is everywhere in our lives. Yet with new technologies we can go further. In fact we alredy have our habits with internet of things,smartphones, computers… Scientists introduce a new way to connect with our things, called : interscatter communication. This new intelligence device allows the integration of new technologies in human body and also between smart things.

Interscatter communication: a way to become a cyborg

The researchers of university of Washington have worked on this interscatter commmunication, and provide a new form of wireless connectivity.
It’s about smart communication with the outside.
Brain implants can talk to smart watches, credit cards, smart contact lenses, cerebral implants, smartphones, and other electronic devices using a Wi-Fi connection.

Mr Gollakota, professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, said : “These are going to be devices that push the boundaries of what we currently think of as connectivity”.

The use of interscatter communication

How does it works?

It will be the new digital devices for our future generation.
The advantage is that smart technology uses 10,000 times less energy than conventional energy.
It generates low power transmission WI-FI. It only works by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi transmissions over the airwaves
It’s a technique of backscattering, so the technological devices exchange information easily by reflecting existing signals.
The terme interscattering is used because this new technique allows inter-technology communication using Bluetooth signals to create Wi-Fi transmissions.
For example a smartphone transmits a bluetooth signal to a smart contact lens equipped with an antenna.

The target of the technology

We can simply exchange information and collect data.
This could allow a greater connectivity between humans and the devices that surround us daily.
This can have a prospective benefic impact on deseases and health. For example a contact lens would monitor blood glucose level for a diabetic through tears and send information to his or her phone.
Even the concern about the lifetime of the battery related to the implant seems to dissipate because it consumes very little energy; tens  microwatts power.
This will allow the collection and processing of information that can be transmitted to us.
Accordingly this also raises the question of the limit of connectivity to the infinite of man and the compatibility with the human features.

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