How Virtual Reality Will Change Our World

Virtual reality games are a promising new platform that has the potential to change the way interactive entertainment is created and experienced.

A helmet is not only the favorite gadget of all the new technology fairs and exhibitions, it is a new way to represent the real world or a totally imaginary world that is at the same time visual and auditive, with the production of return effects. Indeed, virtual reality could be a new evolution in several areas, including video games. Hence, it is important to remember the evolution of the virtual reality in video games and why this time will be different.

An idea that has been designed since the 1950

Virtual reality innovators have sought to create ways to provide an alternative reality to users. They helped arouse interest in creating virtual reality games. Known considered as a video game revolution or science fiction, it is now present in our lives.

Virtual reality helmets have changed the field of video gaming and plunge players into different 3D experiences. However, this is not the first foray of virtual reality into the game.

A format that appeared a few years ago paving the way for today’s technology.

We noticed that we had a new way of playing with the arrival of the Nintendo Wii. The new fashion launched by Nintendo was the immersion. However, different manufacturers already have their virtual reality headphones, like Sony with the PlayStation VR for instance.

Virtual reality: is it the future of video games?

It is clear that virtual reality has a future in video games, but it will ask to rethink our way of perceiving the games and especially how much we will have to pay to obtain a virtual reality game. If there is a headset that is likely to popularize virtual reality for video games, this is the Sony PlayStation VR. A headset entirely turned towards gaming and with a price that is much more affordable than these main competitors – two times cheaper. Since neither the Oculus Rift nor the HTC Vive can be used on console, the PlayStation VR is now the most flexible and versatile headset.

That said, virtual reality should not touch many fans for several years. Only a handful will be able to get a high-quality headset while possessing the necessary configuration.

A revolution that brings a new dimension to the video game

There are numerous ways to enter inside video games and being able to feel this unique feeling of immersion. The combination works with a virtual reality headset in order to be in total immersion with the images projected in it. This combination perfectly reproduces the actions that take place in the virtual universe of the game. Some models are equipped with sensors that detect the movements of the head, allowing the user to look around. Images are then recalculated in real time so that it follows the direction of the look.

Virtual reality is currently focusing on entertainment and especially video games but many applications have emerged, it is already used in different manners, especially in the field of medicine.

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