APPLE PAY is officially identified in New Zealand

Apple Pay In New Zealand—- Only One Bank Available

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Apple Pay is still on its way to expanding its global territory. Recently it has landed on another country of Oceania, New Zealand. At the present time, the mobile payment service of Apple is available at the country.


In New Zealand, Apple Pay is only accessible to ANZ Bank. Customers are allowed to add money to the credit card of Visa or debit card by the Wallet application. The retailers, including Mcdonalds, Glassons or Hallenstein Brothers, accept the service of payment. In the case where the users consume over $80, they need to input a PIN number and confirm a code.


As the local press reports, the reason why Apple Pay is only accessible to ANZ is because other banks, including some Australian banks, appear unwilling to pay the charge of each deal that Apple Pay records. It is well known that several big Australian banks had attempted to touch NFC of Apple Pay before this, but they were rejected by Apple.


Currently, Apple Pay never stops its steps. In the future months, Spain, Japan and Taiwan of China may open the door to Apple Pay. Then, it will start being involved in the life of consumers.


The project is a good combination of science and technology with business, but it is also a game among businessmen to make more profit.

Once an agreement is reached between a bank and Apple, it means that the bank will possibly pay a significant fee in the future decades, so it desires to borrow the access right, named NFC, from Apple. The so called “NFC” means Near Field Communication, through which any bank can expand much more business services to attract more customers and more capital investment. For instance, a customer can go anywhere with a cell phone equipped with the software of payment. Their cell phone can be used as an identification of boarding on a plane, as a key to their door, a public transit pass, a credit card or a card of payment, etc. However, Apple, which is dominating cell phone business nowadays, how can give in to a bank in order to keep its long run development? Especially in China and other countries, the convenience and practicability of smart cell phones are far more preferable for the users than the basic functionalities of the phone itself and people are becoming more and more addicted to the new services.

In today’s fast development, the combination of two functions is amazing, meanwhile it leads people having no alternative. Science and technology should serve human being and propel economy’s development and progress, but until now they have put the cart before the horse.

While we are now enjoying the convenience brought by the new technologies, we don’t have enough money to buy the newly made smart Apple every year. Then, where is the convenience, really? Perhaps what we expect is that we hope the technology can develop faster, so that one day it will be introduced into tens of thousands of households. But at that time, perhaps it will not be considered as an innovation any more. Maybe another game will begin. Who knows?



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