Alibaba is a success story made in China

After discovering the internet during a trip to Seattle in 1995, a Chinese created Alibaba. Twenty years later, he is at the head of an empire of online sales and the richest man of China. His name is Jack Ma.

      Alibaba is the largest e101975912-alibaba-group-jack-ma-1910x1000-commerce company of the world. It has set foot in C2C, B2C, B2B, group buying, online payment, logistics, online advertisement and cloud. At first, Alibaba is so successful because it swiftly adapts the business model to Chinese reality. The Alibaba B2B e-Commerce marketplace is crossing borders and getting bigger. This kind of business model brings the huge profits. Alibaba was free from the traditional form, and it pioneered the member system in the world for help many of SMEs were bailed out. This strategy is a classic of win-win cooperation. As time goes on, B2B e-Commerce marketplace is more stable and Alibaba is focusing on the exploitation of C2C.

      Alibaba has an excellent corporate culture, liberalism and sharing. With a good leader Jack Ma and a powerful team, the strong group cohesiveness and the definite views are the cornerstone of Alibaba’s culture. Afterwards, it always attaches importance to the personnel training and it also builds a system what the target is to train compound talents with capability, speciality and knowledge.

Alibaba is setting up the futurity of ”seven business segments”. Jack Ma proposes the object of the next 10 years, is that Alibaba is serving 2 billions consumers worldwide.



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