The bitter failure of the Galaxy Note 7

“You will not buy any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 anymore!”. Launched on the 19th of August, the Galaxy Note 7 was the new high-profile device of well known Samsung’s smartphones. Just a few weeks after, some reports of self-burning phones have been relayed on the web. Samsung made a recall of defective devices for exchange early October. Finally, the world’s biggest smartphone maker decided to stop the production on the 10th October, with financial consequences as well as its credibility.

Middle of august, Samsung started to provide its new smartphone Galaxy Note 7 to the major carriers in the US and South Korea. After 1 million units sold in 2 weeks in the US, some cases of smartphones catch fire appeared. On the 2nd of September, Samsung put in place a replacement program to get back damaged devices and paused sales by the same way.

On the 13th of October, Samsung launched a new recall by giving either new smartphone or refunding with compensation. The manufacturer decided to get back all Galaxy Note 7 and sent fire-proof boxes to more than 2.5 million consumers.

In the same week, US safety regulators reported the prohibition of all Galaxy Note 7 in all planes. Europe and Asia followed the week after: Note 7 is now forbidden worldwide.

Less than a month after its launch, Samsung halts the production of Galaxy Note 7. Analysts said that Samsung could lose more than $17 million in this amazing story. Note 7 will have had the shortest lifespan than a high-tech product will have lived. This will damage, probably for a long period, the reputation and the credibility of other Samsung products.

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