Hootsuite delighted the community managers

Finally, a long awaited feature, Hootsuite analysis tool shows its face.



Hootsuite tool become essential in the management of social networks, whether for simple personal or even professional use. This tool allows you to manage all publications on the various social networks, program and customize them. Better yet, it helps to stay up to date by RSS feeds on sites and blogs in a way to regularly feed your profiles with relevant content.

For some time, the use of Hootsuite has become key in the lives of community manager and through which they gain considerable time and global visibility on the different profiles on social networks, interacting directly on a single interface, which is that of Hootsuite.



However, it was not possible to analyze traffic and gather statistics on impressions, number of mentions, click rate … etc. it had to be done in the
old way, who is to connect directly to each profile of social networks and retrieve statistics through the tools specific to each social network.

This Calvary is coming to an end because Hootsuite just launched last month its beta version of the analysis tool “Statistics”. it Includes currently only two social networks Facebook and Twitter but the coming months will probably see the adding of other social networks managed by the platform, as: LinkedIn, Google+ and Viadeo.



This new feature is added to the premium part and will be charged thirty euros per month. it will offer the opportunity to have a full report of the activity of each profile on a social network or even a report of the whole of social networks and thus make the crossings and comparisons with the possibility to extract the files as Excel tables or CSV.



Étudiant en Master 2 : Gestion et Droit de l’économie numérique parcours commerce électronique à l’Université de Strasbourg, évoluant à la base dans le domaine du marketing, j’ai appris à être à l’affût de l’information et à suivre la tendance du marché, ce dernier qui tend à se digitaliser, d’où mon vif intérêt pour le E-commerce et les nouvelles technologies.

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