Discover the KAYRIS: a drone made for medical assistance

The Kayris is an aircraft

The Kayris, an aircraft made in Canada

SlidX is a North American company that was founded in 2015 by  James Desauvage, Jérome Le Dall, Xavier Paillat and Gary Chorostecki. This young company is specialized in the development and production of professionals drones. SlidX made in Canada a incredible Gyro-X, the Kayris !

SlidX designed the Kayris: an aircraft that comes from the technology of drones 

The Kayris isn’t a trivial drone. The device was imagined for medical assistance. Indeed, this revolutionnary machine helps with collection of data and transportation of goods. This way , it can helps medical experts on the scene of the accident. 

The main advantage of the Kayris

The Kayris has an important carrying capacity (12 kg) which allows it to countain the medical equipement needed and a connected interface that provides direct contact with medical services. This way, despite of the distance, doctors can be in contact. 

The ideal drone for all sorts of situations

The Kayris show us that when technology meets global issues it can do wonders. We can easily imagine that the device will be very effective and essential in many situations such as road accidents, search and rescue missions etc… 

The Kayris, imagined and designed by SlidX will be market-ready by the end of 2016.


Mikael Corica

Etudiant en Master 2 Commerce Électronique.

Titulaire d’une licence Administration Economique et Sociale obtenue à la faculté de droit de Mulhouse et d’une première année de Master en Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale.

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Porte un réel intérêt aux objets connectés et à l’industrie mobile.


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