Have you heard about digital detox?

A few days ago, I read tweets about Digital Detox. So I was intrigued about those terms: Are there people who couldn’t disconnect from technology? We know that we are more than 3 billion people using internet on the Planet  and around 46% of the world population has a web connection. So how many of them need a digital detox?

Mobile, Computer, laptop, To, iPod, watch, cars, video games. Many are the devices that we use daily to be connected: in some modern societies, even houses are connected. So how can we take a break from all this technology? We mustn’t neglect that this science is useful and educational and it helps us to share news with our friends aboard like Facebook.dealsunny

But How can we define ourselves as addicted to technology?

For example, the deal sunny website reveals mobile usage statistics in the US in a single day: we have 415 million users on Twitter and  700 million users on Facebook. With those statistics, we realize the massive number of people who use social media each day.

Otherwise, the average person checks their smartphones 200 times a day- Many persons don’t feel good if they travel without checking their phones or laptops.

We can define a persone as addicted to tehcnology when: from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he is connected to everything and everyone online , using computers, laptop or mobile.

European Study shows a scale of obsession with the web, many people feeling unable to switch off or feeling lost when they do so. So last week end , I tried to disconnect from my personal devices (mobile , laptop and TM) . My goal was to educate myself how to use technology : try to create a more meaningful and balanced life with using correctly those devices daily.

The first hours were very dificult, because I couldn’t give up my habits : reading news on my laptop, discussing with friends on social medias or listening to music on YouTube… I wasn’t really ready for this experiment. I realized that I was really constantly connected and I dont develop mindful habits :  I have to learn myself how to spend less time online, to not feel bored if I don’t have a device with me and try to get more activities without using connected device.

After 2 days , I can say, it was a positive experience : without being on my laptop or using my mobile, I forced myself to do new things : visit the city with a map, to discuss with people in my neighborhood about Pokemon Go ( without playing with them..), to get bored but with other people in a library, to discover new street arts in the city, etc..

Well, I can sometimes disconnect from internet but it must be a choice..But this experiment was interesting : I had to do things outside of my comfort zone.. and I was more productive. Other effect from this experiment was that I was relaxed and calm on Monday.. My sleep quality was improved, I  felt that I had a break from my study/internship life.

Every person needs time away from the internet and must try new things such as travel, funny activities or reading a book, but not on a screen.. We must try to put boundaries and intentions around our use of technology, and to know that disconnecting doesn’t change our personalities.

But to do a digital detox when you want to work in the digital marketing, it is a little difficult. But sometime, it is useful to unplugg yourself from technology : to connect to the actual life and the people around us.

In Europe and the United-States, some companies develop their business around ” Digital Detox” : I could not find statistics about the people who went over there. But it is interesting that there are people who can’t disconnect easily from technology and they need some help. My advice is : before paying for these businesses, seek help from your friends..your real friends not your “online”friends.


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