“Magic” nonsence wireless headphones from Apple

The biggest news about the new iPhone 7 are wireless headphones that are plugged in the entrance of the battery charger when needed.


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During the event to present the latest Apple devices it was announced that wireless AirPods deliver “magical experience”.

Indeed, the new headsets look exactly like the old ones, but without cable. The price, however, is fivefold higher, despite the likelihood that your headphones will irretrievably fall into a ditch – 159 dollars.

Another novelty is the lack of a headphone jack in the new iPhone 7. According to the creators of the new product headphone jack is “ancient” technology.

The new device comes with wired headsets that are loaded from the entrance to the charger. So users will not be able to charge their phone and talk at the same time or listen to music.

The biggest problem of the new AirPods is the most obvious of them – the possibility to be lost. It’s not about “beauty” of the headset cable nor his famous ability to weave. The cable does not add value to their functionality.

The beauty of cable headphones consist in the work they do – helping to keep under control the headset and help you pull them them if they fall somewhere.

Obviously, Apple does not see this problem.


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