Clickfunding: Clicks to Fund Projects

Crowdfunding is not the final solution to fund a project online. A new social action concept was born in Egypt:  “clickfunding”. 

screenshot of the website

screenshot of the website


As its name suggests, “clickfunding” allows an internet user to contribute to a project with a simple click. Created by the start-up Bassita (simple, in Arabic), the concept is an intermediary between a sponsor and a user of social networks wanting to help a specific cause.

“You are one click away from changing the world” warns the website Bassita, founded in August 2014 by two thirty-year-old French men Alban Menonville and Salem Massalha that after settling for several years in Cairo.

Example: Bassita decided to help the embroiderers village of Khalta in Fayoum (Egypt), devoid of health insurance. Half of them have vision problems but do not have the means to consult an ophthalmologist or buy a pair of glasses. Bassita then created a video campaign and got a deal with an optical mark: if the video exceeds 10,000 views, the brand is committed to providing 1,000 pairs of glasses to these women.

“All is well calculated: ten viewings of the video (equivalent to a viewing point) means a pair of glasses offered. And to earn more points to the cause, the internet user can share or tweet the video: the cause then obtained 50 points at once. If he leaves a comment, it is 100 points earned. ” said Alban Menonville, CEO and cofounder of Bassita,


Their goal: “revolutionize” online advertising, by focusing on the “social” fiber business.

As the boss of a company, “if I want to (put) an ad on Facebook to reach one million people, Facebook will ask me (to pay) a price,” explain Menonville. “Instead of paying Facebook, we propose (at the company) to pay for something positive, and in return it is the Internet user that will provide visibility” to this partner project company, added Alban Menonville .

“What we say to the user is that it becomes a philanthropist,” said Mr. Massalha, “As far as we know, no one else uses this model to date.” he added in an interview with AFP.

Export the concept

In February 2016, Aaz Menhom received clicks from the start-up via the Unicef. as part of a project to supply running water to 1,000 homes in southern Egypt a country where 7.5 million people lack access to safe water at home.

In three days, a video tour with the famous Egyptian comedian Maged el-Kedwany accompanied by a hashtag in Arabic “The click connects to the water,” calling to “share” the video, has been viewed over 2 million times on Facebook.

Appraisal: a hundred households were connected to piped water since mid-March, according to the Unicef. And “in the next six months, 1,000 families will have water connections in four governorates” from the South, welcomed the UNICEF representative in Egypt, Bruno Maes, who commends in Bassita “an innovative mechanism for collecting funds ”

Several companies are financing the project, which also includes a hygiene awareness’, for a total cost of 1.5 million Egyptian pounds (149,000 euros). Sponsors include the American giant household products SC Johnson, the Egyptian company Wadi Degla particularly active in real estate, or Careem, Emirati applying Touring Car with driver (VTC) as Bassita targets mainly private companies.

“In the end, everyone is a winner: The more people who see the campaign, the more money invested, the more partner companies gain visibility,” said the director of Careem Egypt, Shalaby Hadeer.

Award-winning, Bassita won the 2015 Orange Prize for African Social Venture.

Its creators now dream of opening an office in Paris to export their concept. “Europe needs projects for the environment, Africa perhaps more to health or transport. But it is a model that applies to all of these problems, “said M. Menonville.




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