User Experience: What Is It?

The development of a new product, an innovation is usually centered on the new value it will provide to consumers. However, if they fail to use it as it should, this product will be a failure. User experience, whose borders are sometimes a bit blurry, refers to these frustrations or satisfactions that can highlight the use of everyday products. It is therefore to focus on the external operation of the product.

User experience

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User Experience On a Website.

It’s the same for the creation of a software and a website. GARRETT Jesse James in his book “Elements of User Experience” explains the big difference between using a product and navigation on a website: no user manual is given to the user. The users are by themselves.

The user experience becomes crucial on the Internet and especially for online sales sites where competition is at one click of their potential buyers. We must therefore ensure that users find the information they came for in the shortest time. Each error causes a loss of visitors, may it one time a too long loading time, a display error, too long or too complicated forms to complete.

In the area of online shopping, we can say that user experience is designed to acquire new users or clients. It’s a success when the user decides to enter in contact with the site, either through the newsletter subscription or a purchase, depending on the goal set by the company. But user experience may also apply during the entire relationship between the company and the user.

The transition from visitor to the client is a quantifiable fact: it is the conversion. This shows the percentage of visits to a website that converts to purchase or registration. A study by Kantar Media Compete France in 2013 explains that this rate is on average between 1 and 3% depending on the sector.

On the Internet, competition is increasing and therefore the very low conversion rate. Users nowadays are looking for a real experience through a product or brand. Indeed, according to, 68% of users leave a website following a bad user experience. Moreover, improving the user experience can also create a competitive advantage over competitors.

The large majority of the businesses have an online shop. It’s been an increasing sector for several years. However, this new market place makes the customers more fowling and competition way more difficult. This is why an online store have to do everything in his power to held up his visitors.

User experience is a concept centered on the users during its creation to give the most pleasant viewing. Indeed, studies show that thanks to a good experience, net surfers are willing to spend more money on a website and to recommend it to their close-ones. Seen as real competitive edge, online businesses have an interest in developing the best user experience possible for their users.


How To Be Memorable to Users?

The link with a user through a website is not simple. Discussion during the navigation and use of a website creates an experience resulting in emotions and creates a relationship. For this, it must be given the impression that users are interacting and entering into transactions with a human and not a machine. This allows the user to retain most known as a very limited attention span.

To create this type of feeling, creating a character following the user throughout its navigation is a possibility. In addition, it is necessary to create messages based on targeted people and the style of writing used in the editorial. Another example: many e-commerce sites use dynamic images for displaying garments from multiple angles, worn or not when the mouse cursor moves over it. The possibility also changes the colors of clothing or add a product without having to go through the product page in question are factors that greatly influence the user experience by joining speed and ease of use.

Beyond the experiences on the website, we must also ensure that the relationship outside the website with it goes well. If we stay on the example of a buyer, once finalized the sale, certain mechanisms are put in place to take the best experience “customer” as possible. The emails of confirmation of payment, shipment of the order (with a tracking number), a possibility of contact with the after-sales service can make the difference. Like the on-time delivery and this especially with the approach of Christmas. Clear information about the delivery like “free return” can also prevent against disappoint customers.



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