e-Cinema: yes, it’s real !

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Everybody (or almost everybody) knows what “cinema” is. We generally use that word to talk about the fact to go to the theater and watch a movie, even so it is mainly an art: the “Seventh art”.
Ok but what’s e-Cinema? Does that mean “cinema online”? If so, what’s the point to watch a movie online instead of watching it in theaters… where you can buy candies and popcorn in addition of a big screen? Or is e-Cinema like VOD?
In one of my last articles, I talked  about VOD (video on demand), you can read it HERE – in French. It is a system that allows people to watch a movie (or a tv show, or even to listen to music) whenever they want to, directly from their home. Netflix is principally known for its huge catalog: you can access it via a monthly contract.
E-Cinema is a little bit different from VOD: the movies you will watch won’t be displayed at all in a real cinema (available exclusively on platforms like Orange, Free, SFR, Bouygue…). You will be able to watch them from your home on the device of your choice: tv, computer, or even tablet for a price that is lower than a regular cinema ticket (approximately 7€). However, it will be more expensive than a regular VOD movie, even if you only pay once to watch it with several people instead of buying a ticket for each person who wants to see the movie.
So with e-Cinema, the movie will be available in exclusivity in HD (High Definition) quality for 6 weeks. Following that, it will be like a regular movie and you will have to wait a few months to buy it in DVD or to watch it in VOD.
Why will some movies only be available via that way?
It is cheaper to distribute a movie using platforms than to distribute it in theaters where competition is bigger, and if people don’t come to watch it, it won’t be profitable for the producers, the distributors, and consequently, it will stop to be shown in theaters. With the platforms, the movie is available during 6 weeks even if the movie doesn’t meet with success. Also, more money can be spent in advertising and communication.
What kind of movies can we watch with e-Cinema?
Some people say e-Cinema is used to propose “lousy” movies, the one that interest only a few people… but not necessarily. Some movies can be a huge hit in their country, or proposed at some festivals but not distributed in France, for example. So it can be a way to open a possibility to people willing to watch them. Indeed “author movie” or “independent movie” will be available only in few theaters and not everybody will live close to them, so it can be an alternative for those having access to e-cinema.

British movie Britain’s got talent, crédits : parismatch.com
British movie Britain’s got talent, crédits : parismatch.com

For example, the British movie Britain’s got talent (in French : Un incroyable talent) based on a true story and produced by David Frankel (who also produced The Devil wears Prada) was available in e-cinema last July. Thanks to that, a lot of people could discover that movie, which certainly wouldn’t met a huge success in France, if it had been shown in theaters.
E-cinema is a new way to discover movies and can be an alternative to downloads or to the fact that some movies will never be shown in some countries because of the low interest of the distributors.

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