Beware the application « Adult Player ».

In the early 2015, ransomwares made their come back on PC, trying to rob money from users whom PC was infected. This phenomenon recently appeared in smartphones applications as well, as it was proven by Zscaler for Adult Player.


Adulat player


            Medias related a few months ago many cases of PC users who were unable to run their PC anymore. Indeed, their system were locked by a program called a ransomware. What is the effect of such a program? It is quite simple: you cannot use your PC anymore, except if you consent to give some money to the person who installed the program on your computer. It is a kind of a virtual robbery in your very house.


This kind of threat was existing on smartphones too, but was extremely rare until Adult Player was found. What is this application about? This application allows you to watch pornographic videos on your smartphone for free… or almost. Indeed, once you watched such a video, an alert is displayed on your screen in order to inform that a picture was taken while you were watching the video and, perhaps, masturbating. The message, that seems to come from the FBI, tells you to pay a fine of 500$ otherwise you will not be able to use your phone anymore because all your files are crypted. Furthermore, it is impossible to remove this application from your smartphone using the “normal” way.


This application is obviously a ransomware and should be avoided. It is not as dangerous as it seems because you cannot download it from the Play Store. Indeed, you need to download the .apk file from the Internet and install it on your smartphone so you can use it. This should prevent against the misusing of the application, especially when it exists so many other ways to consult that kind of videos without downloading anything.


How can you prevent against such a threat? First of all, try not to download files or application which you do not know the origin or the person who created it because it could be a file containing a virus. Then, be careful to the mails with an attachment from expeditors you do not know. Pirates often use social engineering for the people to open their files. They target some types of person and send the infected file. If you open it, your computer or your smartphone is infected. You ought to be suspicious to every mail you receive, even from apparently official organisms. Finally, try to keep your antivirus updated even though it will not allow you to prevent from every virus infection.

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