The 360 degree immersive Google street view for IOS and Android

When you need to locate somewhere, you use Google maps. It’s easy and accurate, you have an immersive view. The sad point is that this option is available on your computer but it’s more difficult to use it on your Smartphone.



Google developed a new application for IOS and Android. This is a mix between Google maps and Google earth. Both are useful to locate a specific area. One of the limits is the street view. It means an immersive view as if you were on the street.

The question is what is the point about this application? The answer is simple and first of all it’s very useful. You can see what you will see exactly in the area but not on your computer but on your Smartphone. Your Smartphone is a mobile device so you can move while you locate yourself on the street. The GPS is not new on Smartphone, the new one is the immersive view on the street with the Smartphone.

Most impressively, you can create your own “street view” with your Smartphone’s camera and share pictures with community (private or public). You just have to record with your mobile device while you’re moving and an orange point lead you to your destination.

It allows Google to always own the most recent view on the street. The customer records the view for Google for free and Google uses its algorithm to lead the user across the street.

The idea is real interesting for both (Google and users). Google is still improving its product. Now this application is more accurate and always updated thanks to people using the pretty jewel of the search engine leader.

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