Google and the fresh grocery delivery

Amazon is trying a new experience: to deliver meals. The big market place called it “Amazon Restaurants”. Meanwhile, the biggest search engine did not wait to launch its own project. Google will try to deliver fresh food in 2 cities in the USA. The first city is San Francisco, the second is not known at the moment.



It means Google is opening an online grocery store. This is a two phases plan.

  • First of all, Google will begin to deliver fresh food
  • Then, The leader will deliver grocery products too

Google is already delivering dry food with its service called Google Express. The main difference is the “fresh”. Google surfs on the wave of the “fresh and bio food”. Nowadays, people always want fresh product. Google understood the demand and used its powerful reputation to respond and set himself as the leader.

Where do you search to buy food online? Obviously in Google, and this one is delivering lot of food now. The idea is to develop partnerships with local producers in order to promote the proximity food and to decrease the logistic cost. People will have local and fresh food, two great arguments to earn customers. The delivery cost is a huge problem, however with local partnerships it doesn’t need long distance travel.

More than, Google must follow the new wave with Amazon fresh and Instacart. Both of them are the direct competitors of the search engine ruler for food delivery service. Google has good reputation and the leader can easily search for partners with Google maps. The biggest advantage is Google + because companies inform themselves on Google for SEO and the search engine can use it to locate potential partners.

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