Innovation for this summer: the CONNECTED BATHING SUIT

Who has not dreamt about a reminder to put on solar cream? Who has not cursed the day when he felt asleep on the beach and got sunburnt? This time is over with a revolutionary swimsuit, conceived by a French firm located in Alsace.

The company elaborated a revolutionary made-to-measure bikini capable of controlling and monitoring your sun exposure. The connected swimsuit allows an integrated Bluetooth device to connect to your smartphone which then receives alerts when it is time to put more cream on.

Another chip, directly worn against the skin, will calculate and detect your sensitivity to sun exposure. That captor would send an alert whenever you are near sunburn.

For the moment being, this technology is only available on women bathing suit models. However creators are aiming to commercialize (next summer) a child-sized version of the product. The features will be the same but for an extra geolocation option that should be added. In fact, parents will be warned by a smartphone alarm if their children are outing a predefined area (50m / 100m…)

So if you are planning to go to the beach this summer and if you worry about getting sunburned, feel free to buy one of these. Nevertheless this innovative technology is not replacing a good sun cream and a good cap!


Étudiant en M2 Droit des nouvelles technologies à l’Université de Strasbourg, je suis en attente perpétuelle des innovations aux services de l’Humain et contribuant à l’évolution raisonnée

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