The Apple Watch

Apple is both a genius and a disappointment. Indeed, it has shown over decades some amazing improvements over the world’s IT marketing. The « Apple addict » term has not been invented for no reasons. However, Apple still suffers from many criticisms. One of the most argued concerns the recent lack of innovation and, in correlation with the death of Steve Jobs, the loss of an « Apple Spirit ». In this context, is the Apple Watch worth it ?


An IOS Watch and … that’s all.

The Apple Watch is something quiete new in the Apple products : it consists in fusionning a smartphone and a watch. Some could say the idea is so simple that it is astonishing to think Apple did not release it earlier. However, an interesting question lies more about the background around the Apple Watch than its functionnalities. The Apple Watch includes the IOS 8.2 which can interact with your iPhone. That’s about all we can say about the functionnalities of the Apple Watch. Of course, there is a huge amount of personnalisation, to begin with the three types of watch you want to afford. As a matter of fact, do not forget that the price will be equally matched to the chosen watch. Indeed, the cost values between 349 dollars and … 17 000 dollars !

Apple clearly tries to afford the luxury market with this gamm of products, but will it be effective ? Apparently yes because compared to their first concurrent, the Android Wear, Apple Watch sold more in one day than Android in … one year. This is why Apple is genius : the marketing power of this firm allows everyone to hope to be part of the most elitist IT corporation around the world. And if you bought the most expensive Apple Watch, you are now part of the elite from the elites due to its collector’s functionnalities. There is no need to explain that there is no judgment about the Apple consumers which is done, or just thought, in this article : it is a simple fact and the purity-lines designed products of the giant american firm seduced a whole part of the World.

Apple, Watch out !

Everything seems to be like Apple wants to it to be : a perfect world, or more likely a world which is made better by these IT products. However, Apple seems to be relying a bit too much on its huge benefits despite striking the software’s global market. As a matter of fact, Apple’s turnover still continues to impress the IT market, and the Apple’s watch revenues proof the marketing’s impact on the global business of Apple. However, if Apple masters the hardware’s design in order to maintain its huge benefits, the software market still remains quiete poorly contributed by the American giant. Indeed, Android begins to be progressively prefered by software developpers in order to edit a new program on its OS despite of the iOS. If this might appear as a weak argument in order to developp on Apple’s lack of long term strategy, the thing is Android (allied with Microsoft ?) may struggle Apple’s softwares revenues in a few years due to that reason. Why a freeware has become more business’s attractive than the iOS ? Moreover, if Apple has clearly a huge position on the particular’s market, they still lack of impact in the professionnal (or B to B) market. Microsoft,  however, invested in this market for several years.

To conclude, the Apple Watch clearly represents its conceptor’s marketing : perfectly designed products, with many little possibilities to interact which others, and still more. However, the Apple Watch still remains a watch which needs … a smartphone. In my opinion, there is no chance that, in the future, Apple can still remain on its marketing world’s impact to stay in a leadership position.

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