WeatherFlow Wind Meter – a chic accessory for your smartphone

World of accessories for smartphones are increasingly growing and with them we unexpectedly expand the usefulness of smartphones. WeatherFlow is a useful smartphone accessory for measuring wind. WeatherFlow Wind Meter costs $34.95, looks chic and according to its creators has a very high accuracy in the measurement of wind speed. Compatible with iOS and Android applications which can display and record data so it’s possible to share it with other people.


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Who would need such a useful accessory like that? – Almost everyone who is involved in outdoor activities and wants to know exactly how fast the wind is blowing. If you have hobbies like sailing, skydiving, flying a plane, flying a kite with your child, or if you are a firefighter and you need accurate data on wind speed, the wind gauge WeatherFlow will be very useful. Using it is simple. First, install the free application of WeatherFlow Wind Meter from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The wind meter gauge should be inserted in the 3.5 mm jack of your smartphone.

The application uses positioning services to determine your current location. We just need to position it in the direction of the wind movement and press “Start”. Information can be shared over Twitter or Facebook, and also via email or SMS. WeatherFlow Wind Meter is capable of measuring the wind speed from 3 to 200 km/h. The design is calibrated in the Department of Aero -Engineering at the University of Florida.

WeatherFlow Wind Meter will soon be compatible with the iWindsurf, Fishweather, Sailflow, WindAlert and the iKiteSurf applications.



Venelina Kondeva, student in M2 e-Commerce at the University of Strasbourg

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