Console OS will change the way you use your Windows PC and Android

Operating systems have recently become smarter and more practical, as the leaders in this industry are Android OS, iOS and Windows OS. Now a new operating system that looks quite promising rises on the scene.

Console OS is a new project that has not yet been officially released, and the popular website Kickstarter is used to fund it. This product will provide access to Windows and Android while being used on only one device. The best thing is that the installation and use of the Console OS can be made by everyone and does not require that companies to pre-install it.

The program can work as either primary or secondary system and is optimized specifically for KitKat OS. Console OS is compatible with the Intel x86 architectures, thus ensuring better performance of virtual machines and emulators with similar functionality. Console OS will not support Google Play, but will have its own application store. Otherwise, you will have access to the application store of Amazon.


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The creators of the innovative software assured that switching between the two operating systems and loading can be done in less than 10 seconds. The program is now providing more than 100 functions and is compatible with some of the most popular devices in the market. The attractive software is also optimized for the sensor and as well for the standard displays.

The basic version of the Console OS will be freeware. Mobile Media Ventures, however, will launch on the market a paid version named Console OS Pro. It will cost $20 per year and can be installed on multiple computers. The Pro version also allows you to load Android apps in “Windows mode” – the remote access to your PC from any device with Android – more codecs and support for more media standards, DVR and other functions.


Venelina Kondeva, student in M2 e-Commerce at the University of Strasbourg

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