Public communication web 2.0

Public communication is a strategic function in many ways for the state and communities.

Public communication is all action communication initiated by any institution exercising a service mission public: state and supranational institutions, government, local authorities, businesses and public institutions.It serves the public interest.

image_article communicationThey meet their obligations through it to inform the citizens about the data and public actions. Public communication also helps to educate the citizen to certain public interest cases. Finally, it is the heart of the political image that is conveyed.

The advent of Web 2.0, otherwise known as the Social Web, has promoted new communication tools that are used to exchange and share information otherwise. There is an evolving challenge through new uses of Web 2.0. The appropriation of new media necessarily requires new methods to communicate as necessarily framing.

Traditional media are adding to social media including websites, social networks, blogs or online forums. The relationship between administration and the public is renewed because the authorities are of interest to citizens.

The communication plan for each institution must meet certain specifications:

• must define the service to be offered to the user;

• must justify service by designing an argument convincing;

• must be fixed or the targets we want to achieve.

We must be able to speak to each audience in order to do well play the desired message.

It should set the tone of the message. It is important to be creative in order to reach the public and prevent the message from being emerged in a hyper environment. We must devise a message punchy and concise.

If public disclosure occurs at several levels, it must also constantly adapt to different types of messages on various media types.

Public communication is constantly evolving thanks to the Web. Its legal framework is necessary and essential in the communication strategy.


Marie EnaMarie-Ena JACOBY-KOALY  




Crédits image : Stuart Miles

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