Amazon swoops in and acquires Twitch despite Youtube’s effort

It’s finally official, after several rumours about Twitch’s acquisition, the popular live-streaming website will be part of the ever-growing list of companies swallowed by industry giants. However rumours were wrong about which company was going to seal the deal.


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In a way, the rumours made sense, Twitch’s video-based content fits nicely with Youtube’s business. But in the end, and despite Youtube’s effort, Amazon will buy all remaining shares of Twitch which amount to about $970 million in cash.


In approximately 3 years Twitch has become the largest live-streaming website in the US. It has built a platform that hosts many video game related live events with around 55 million unique users watching over 150 billion minutes of gaming.


What should we expect of this deal? On Twitch’s side, their blog states that they will keep everything the same, only now they have Amazon’s resources for an even better Twitch. On Amazon’s side it goes with their recent desire to gain a foothold in the video game industry, which they started by establishing their own video game studio and hiring talented game designers earlier this year.


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