The mobile application market

All users of smartphones cannot do without it, this is obviously mobile applications. It serves to help you organize your schedule, to worry or to lose weight, the mobile application is a must in our lifestyle.

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With a mobile device that continues to grow rate, the growth of mobile applications market should carry themselves well.

The European Commission is also optimistic, it is expected that the area of ​​mobile applications is contributing EUR 63 billion in 2018.

Growth in this market that should continue in the coming years.

The process of creating an application involves several steps:

Design: it’s time to define the functions of the application

Design and Ergonomics: it’s time to optimize the application

Development: This is the time of programming

Marketing Strategy: it’s time to decide on the mobile marketing strategy

Distribution: it’s time to validate the application after testing

With the spread of tablets and Smartphone, mobile carriers may have a role increasingly important in the development of business activities.


Marie EnaMarie-Ena JACOBY-KOALY



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