Free Wi-Fi in “Roissybus”

Since August 4th, passengers of « Roissybus » linking the city of Paris and the airport of « Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle » get free Wi-Fi network. It will be experienced until February 2015 thanks to a partnership concluded by R.A.T.P. and Orange.

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A test justified by different reasons…

R.A.T.P. makes its free Wi-Fi buses available for tourists. Practised for 6 months, this service must contribute tourists to check some news on Internet for their holidays in Paris without waiting to be in the departure lounge or in their hotel. Indeed, they profit from a free connexion for thirty minutes during the road linking the station « Paris Opera » to the airport of « Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle » and vice versa. It corresponds to the half time used to cover this distance. In addition to this, this service is offered by the advertising board called « Média Transports » in R.A.T.P. If the test of this service will be conclusive, its financing will be permanent thanks to advertising.

Passengers of « Roissybus » will be able to connect themselves thanks to their smartphone, tablet or laptop. At their arrival, it will be easy to read their mail, to check the site of their hotel and to inform their family in real-time. Before coming back at home, these passengers will keep abreast of timetables and all hours delay expected on the flights in real-time.

… and following the examples of other shuttle bus or station in France

So, R.A.T.P. wants to « promote tourists connection who are arriving in Paris ». In fact, all its undergrounds and buses stations will be equiped with mobil network called « Très Haut Débit ». The third generation of mobile telecommunications technology (3G) or even the fourth (4G) will be used by the end of the year 2016.

In France, there is free Wi-Fi  in other public transport too. In 2013, the shuttle bus between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille was the first to install free Wi-Fi towards its passengers. As for the stations, free Wi-Fi will be finalized about 130 S.N.C.F. stations by February 2015. In March 2014, Lille and Avignon were the first cities to enjoy this service. Each passenger must download the application called « Wi-Fi Métropolis ». Then, they can have free and unlimitaded Wi-Fi because its financing come from advertising. But the use of free Wi-Fi will be always preceded by an audiovisual advertising.

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