A new confrontation between the ICT giants

This Friday 1st of august, Microsoft has attacked the group Samsung before a New York court for non-compliance of its commitments concerning a contract.

In recent years, we found more and more war patents around ICT giants. This situation explains that for business, there are no negotiations. Actually, the actors of the technology sector do care to make complaint to each others before the big community courts. We can mentionned for example, the case of Samsung against the American informatics group, Apple.

Now, there is an American group that attacks the South Korean group by accusing them of not respecting their commitments about using their owner patents in 2011.

According to Microsoft, it is a complaint concerning the non-compliance at time and at hour for a payment that was due last autumn. However, Microsoft demands penalties to Samsung for it late payment.

After this, the South Korean group has accepted to pay the amount that it was ordered to the American group but it refused to pay the penalties. Besides, it threats to breaks the agreement.

In reality, this is why Microsoft taken the Samsung group before the community court.

As we know, the leader of the South Korean brand would like to buy the Nokia to use this acquisition like an excuse for getting rid of the American giant but this one put up a fight.

Whatever the result, Samsung profits doing very well. Since its signature in 2011, the smartphones leader has tripled its sales of smartphones. This opportunity allowed it to become the number one in the world ahead of Apple.


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