The discovery of Google AdSense

Nowadays Google AdSense is considered one of the most powerful online advertising networks. With a more and more effective use, Google AdSense gives to everybody an easy way to earn money with his Website. Nevertheless this opportunity has a cost. Indeed, to obtain these services, the user has to consent many compromising…

We met each other

The discovery of Google AdSense will allow a important and quick return on investment for his Website. Who has never seen an online advertisement saying ‘’I earn a second wage with AdSense’’? The interested blogger will try this monetization because its creation and validation can be initiated easily and quickly. Every attempt has been made to reassure the user thanks to conciliatory marketing and communication. Google AdSense proposes many technical, business and marketing solutions on several platforms (blog, FAQs or social networks). This dynamism is also strengthened by an important online community, which intends to raise the user’s trust.

However, an effective discrepancy between promises and reality exists. Indeed, the ordinary user earns less than 15 euros per month. To be relieved from this difficult situation, the user will change his website (change the content, change the code or click on his advertisement). Unfortunately for him, at this moment, he will discover his true relationship with Google AdSense. The contractual relationship with Google AdSense is very complicated. The main AdSense settlement explains how serious the online advertising network is discretionary: it can suspend or erase, when it wants and this without an effective opportunity of protest.

We hated each other

The unilateral choice of AdSense to suspend or erase an account can be felt as an injustice for the user. This one could protest, but he will be often sent back to the settlements or the FAQs.  Reflecting the economic result, this penalty may seem completely unfair. AdSense can temporarily stop  the account, reduce the earnings or, in some cases, the ‘’unlucky’’ user could lose all his earnings.

We left each other

Often, the user will leave AdSense and choose a better alternative. He could choose another online advertising network with the same risks or change his business model. More and more websites offer for instance an e-commerce platform. Nevertheless he should never forget one rule: online monetization is a choice intended for an effective business plan. Every mistake will be felt by the e-consumer : so heads or tails?


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