Dive into another world with virtual reality

Since Facebook bought Oculus Rift in March 2014 for $2 billion, it is clear where the future of Human-Computer Interaction is leading us to: Virtual Reality. If you never heard of Oculus Rift, imagine Snowboard goggles, but instead of lenses you have a HD LCD-Display. On this, you see a side-by-side (SBS) split screen. Together with a pair of lenses, these split images are overlaid and create a 3D effect. That’s it, put the headset on and you dive in your 3D virtual reality (works also for short sighted people up to 8 dioptre).





By moving your head, you control the displayed image and you can look around. Imagine it with Google Street View – walk through the streets of New York! If it is getting boring, put yourself in a rollercoaster within a second and get thrilled like in the real amusement park. Psychologist say that your brain cannot make the difference. If you are afraid of heights or you are getting dizzy easily, be careful! Better enjoy a guided tour through the park of Versailles or watch an astonishing 3D documentary, they are already available for free on Youtube.

Now you are for sure asking “But can I afford this geeky gadgets?” – Yes! Okay, the Oculus Rift is still in development and not ready for the mass market. With its price of $350, it is still quite expensive. But wait, don’t you have a smartphone? So why not make your own virtual reality headset? Google showed during its IO in June 2014, the project “Cardboard” – a virtual reality headset that you can build with their instructions out of a pizza carton! Fold it to a box, put a pair of lenses and your smartphone inside and within 30 minutes you are done! Many smartphones have an inbuilt gyroscope, which tracks the movement of your head. You don’t like crafting? The German company Durovis developed a virtual reality headset case for smartphones for only 60€. Or download the template and print it with a 3D printer! In September 2014 on the Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) in Berlin, Samsung will present their virtual reality headset for Samsung Smartphones. Sony will also be ready soon.

You see, the future is virtual! Or real? Or maybe both!


Marie EliseMarie-Elise TOURNIER

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