Digital has no age limit

The digital revolution is not just for young people. Indeed, according to the Pew internet & American life project, internet use rate increased among seniors. The number of Internet users being 65 years old and over tripled between 2000 and 2012. These numerous new internet users now have a specific term to refer to them: silver surfers. 



Digital services have become essential in seniors life. Internet of things, mobile apps, and digital health services increased these last years. As this new market emerged, firms and marketers developed new strategies to target this public.

Medicare consumers are frequently online. Seniors use their computer to read their emails or look for health information online. Silver surfers want to get health information to improve their personal healthcare and their way of living.New technologies enable them to get this information easily.

So today, medical plan website is developing. Moreover, Internet is a great tool to compare and evaluate health insurance options or medical healthcare.

In France, with the personal medical file (DMP: dossier medical personnel) developments, senior are able to access and consult their electronic health record. It is now possible to consult a doctor with an internet connection and a computer. Seniors can also use videoconference to keep a social link with their circle and help them when they need information or to be secured.

The digital sector takes a great place today and silver surfers are ridding the e-health ware.


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