One plus one, a formidable competitor for smartphones will soon be available on the market

Suffering already of an aggressive and unfair competition, the giants of smartphones must face the arrival of a new competitor on their growing market.

One plus one, a new important competitor for smartphones.


One plus one is a smartphone in the range high – range but sold in attractive prices much less than the actual prices on the market without falling into the law cost segment.

It is true that Chinese brands are perceived by many people like low cost but one plus one, this new brand wants to change this label attributed to many Chinese brands by creating a brand of strong quality and very attractive products.

Mister Lau Pete, a young Chinese leader is the founder of this new company. During several months, mister Lau created the buzz on himself and his brand in all media and on the internet. We can say that this is the actuality subject of mobile.

Under the promotion of this new product particularly about its advantages, the young Chinese communicates regularly on his web site, a communication focused on cost and design of the smartphone.

On the blog of his web site, mister Lau reveals some information about his Smartphone’s design. For example, he asserts to have chosen a full HD screen and not a QHD screen.  According him, the full HD screen consumes 35 to 65% less than the QHD screen, all the more as both screens are identical to the naked eye.

Concerning the characteristics of one plus one, the chief executive officer informs us that his new product will not be more cumbersome than a Sony experia Z1. It will have 5.5-inch screen against 5-inch for the experia Z1. The processor will be introduced by a snapdragon platform witch should be switched the mobile phone.

About the battery, it will be non – removable because it shall stand in a small and compact box.

Finally, this smartphone will be compatible with the 4G and its anticipated cost is estimated around 400 dollars that means the price will be less than 400 euros.

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