McDonald’s and augmented reality

In Germany, McDonald’s recently launched a mobile application of augmented reality to educate visitors about the company’s efforts to sustainable development.

Augmented reality allows the superposition of real time information in 2D or 3D on an environment viewed by Smartphones. The user can receive therefore a number of additional information.The aim of this application called McMission App is to show to German customers the efforts made by the company in recycling and sustainable development (renewable energy, waste treatment…). An initiative has already been conducted in Australia to explain the origin of the brand products (

The application consists of games launched when a product or an image is scanned. In the end the user answers some questions to test his knowledge.

The link of the video which presents the app:

Despite this type of marketing initiatives, the reputation of the company has recently been tarnished by strikes in major cities of the United States to protest against the working conditions and low wages.

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