Sequence your DNA in one hour on this microchip!

Panasonic and the Belgian research laboratory IMEC created a microchip. This microchip is very special and allows a DNA test in only one hour. The goal is to have the possibility to diagnose genetic diseases and to conceive personalized therapies.


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According to researchers, an access so fast to our genes will help doctors to identify, detect, and diagnose anomalies and potentially find treatments for genetic diseases. This revolution will also help them to make better decisions, more targeted, on medicine and treatments to be prescribed.

The microchip allows the automation of the whole process, by only taking a drop of blood mixed with a chemical substance. This Polymerase Chain Reaction system, also called PCR, is actually the fastest existing method of molecular biology of development of in vitro DNA.

We need to take care of this genetic progress because in such tests, you could discover something that you do not openly want to know. Indeed, we prefer to let your free will decide wetther to discover what really hides in your DNA or not…


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