Trade tweets for treats with Kellogg’s Tweet Shop

If celebrities can earn thousands of dollars for tweeting about a company, why should we do it for free? Well, with Kellogg’s ephemeral tweet shop, people can at least get a bag of crisps for doing the same.

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In fact, from September 20th to September 28th, Kellogg’s opened the world’s first “tweet shop” in Soho, London, to launch its latest Special K range of Cracker Crisps, where people can pay for food with social currency.

It means that, people entering this shop, can choose between the 3 tweets on the tweet menu, or create their own (and of course) “positive” tweet and send them to their followers, adding the hash tag #tweetshop in exchange for a free bag of crisps.

A lot of companies are now using the social media to promote their products or services by encouraging people to “like” their Facebook page for example. These tweet shops can be even more effective and they are part of a clever social media campaign.

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Nowadays, social networks are one of the most successful ways to get people to talk about a new brand, product, company, etc. According to Emmanuel Rose, author of the book “The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited: Real-life lessons in Word-of-Mouth Marketing”, word of mouth, combined with traditional advertising, increases sales.

Numbers recorded on Kellogg’s twitter account:

·         700 tweets with the hash tag #tweetshop, in one week

·         15 new followers a day, in one week

But do these tweets really portray the real description and taste of these low caloric chips? In fact, there is not a single negative tweet, which makes people wonder about the trustiness of those comments.

Doesn’t this just make you doubt about every recommendation you read on twitter?


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